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Books, videos and curriculum offerings are available for a one month check-out period. Several audio-visual components are also available for a three-day check-out. Longer loans can be arranged, if necessary.

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Resource Center Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Resourcing Director
501-663-2424, ext. 104
The Resource Center of the Presbytery of Arkansas is the lending library of curriculum samples, DVDs, CD-Roms, Videos, Books, Equipment and Periodicals. Anyone associated with a church in the Presbytery of Arkansas or The Presbytery of the Pines--members, officers, leaders, teachers, pastors and educators--may check out resources. You are invited to visit the Resource Center housed in the Presbytery office, call ex. 4 at 501.663.2424, visit the Display table at Presbytery meetings, fax 501.224.2429 or email your requests. Our volunteers can mail your resources or assemble them for you to pick up at your convenience.

Our Resource Center volunteers can answer your questions and assist you with suggestions about your Christian Education program. We are open to your suggestions of items congregations would like to see placed in the Center. You may return resources by mail (using the mailing label that accompanies resources via "Library" or "Media" rate), send them with someone going to the presbytery office, or return to the Resource Center display at presbytery meetings.   

No fee is charged for use of resources, but donations are cheerfully accepted to help purchase new resources. Patrons are responsible for the timely return of borrowed items and for replacing items lost while in their care. Please be considerate of other patrons and return items promptly. There are baskets in the foyer for returned resources and resources waiting to be picked up.

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