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11/14/2019For Sessions Pulpit Supply List
2/28/2017Information Policy for Pastors from Non-PC(USA) Denominations
10/13/2009Information Validated Ministry Policy
12/11/2012For COM Members Listening Session Survey
12/11/2012For COM Members Leading the Listening Session
9/16/2010For New Pastors Administrative Commission Form Instructions
8/17/2012For COM Members Administrative Commission Form
7/1/2009For New Pastors Commissions to Install or Ordain
7/1/2009For New Pastors Form for Minutes of Commission to Install or Ordain
7/1/2009For New Pastors Form Letter for Moderator of Administrative Commission to Install or Ordain
7/1/2009For New Pastors Order of Worship to Install
7/1/2009For New Pastors Ethical Conduct
10/12/2009For Sessions The Pastor Search Process (PowerPoint)
10/12/2009For PNC's Link to free PowerPoint Viewer
7/1/2009For PNC's Bible Studies for a PNC
7/1/2009For PNC's How to Relate to a Former Pastor
7/1/2009For PNC's Information for Churches Without a Called Pastor
7/1/2009For PNC's Privacy Guidelines
7/1/2009For PNC's Report Number 1
7/1/2009For PNC's Suggested Questions for Reference Calls
7/1/2009For PNC's The Process of Calling a Pastor
9/1/2010For PNC's Last Phase of the Call Process
7/1/2009For PNC's Tips on Ways to Look at a PIF
7/1/2009For PNC's Vacancy Dues
7/1/2009For PNC's Enter a New CIF
10/6/2009For PNC's On Calling a Pastor
6/15/2010For PNC's Pastoral Call Form
7/1/2009For Sessions Dissolution of a Pastoral Call Service
7/1/2009For Sessions Information on a Designated Pastor
7/1/2009For Sessions Guidelines on Interim Pastors
6/16/2015For Sessions Minimum Terms of Call--approved Oct 2014
7/1/2009For Sessions Role of the Session in Search for a Pastor
7/1/2009For Sessions Sabbatical Leave Policy
7/1/2009For Sessions Sample Covenant with an Interim Pastor
7/1/2009For Sessions Severance Agreement